Event May 17, 2018

Why both security and safety matter for cycling - The example of Bogotá

Event Date 23 May 2018
Location Leipzig, Germany
  • EVENT International Transport Forum 2018
  • LOCATION ITF Open Stage Café
  • DATE May 23rd 2018 17:00-17:30

The CFF will stage a poster presentation at the International Transport Forum, in Leipzig, Germany, on May 23rd, 2018, 17:00-17:30. The 2018 Summit on “Transport Safety and Security” will address issues ranging from terrorism and cyber-security to road safety and extreme weather disruption, including a focus on cycling and pedestrian safety.

Safety is the key concern for planners and engineers when designing cycling infrastructure. However, cyclists are not only vulnerable to vehicles: they are also at risk of muggings, thefts and personal harm, as they are often seen as an easy target. This exclusive focus on safety is due to a legacy of concentrating on the experience of cycling in European cities, despite its increasing popularity in developing countries, particularly in Latin America. Bogotá is a globally established cycling city, and its initiatives, such as car-free days and ciclovías, have been replicated across the world. However, a key issue is the perceived and real lack of security of cyclists: many residents, especially women and those who can afford other forms of public and private transportation, claim that security concerns are why they do not cycle. The city has responded with enhanced policing and improved lighting along cycle routes, but is still searching for more effective, long-term solutions. This session aims to challenge the safety-only analysis of cycling, and to discuss how to address security when designing new cycling infrastructure.

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Reduction in cycling deaths in 2017
Bogotá's Plan Bici, the city’s ambitious cycling strategy, lays out Bogotá's long-term objective to become the cycling capital of the world. Plan Bici aims to double the mode share of cycling, through an additional 120 km of new cycling paths and maintenance work on 100 km of existing paths. A key project within Plan Bici is Quinto Centenario, a 25-km ‘cycle avenue’ crossing the city north to south.

Bogotá's Plan Bici - The city’s ambitious cycling strategy

Source www.c40cff.org
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Cycling Infrastructure in Cities: Bogotá’s Quinto Centenario Cycle Avenue

Source www.c40cff.org