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The Knowledge Library is a collection of reports, videos, tools and briefing guides, covering the key issues in the fields of climate change, urbanisation and climate change.

Financing Options

Explainer: How to finance urban infrastructure?

City governments are struggling to finance urban infrastructure: this Explainer helps them to understand the options they have to raise the necessary resources.

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Learn from Other Cities

Case study: Introducing electric buses to the City of Tshwane

This report provides Tshwane (South Africa) with recommendations on how to transition to electric buses, based on an operational assessment of Tshwane Bus Services and an overview of the e-bus market.

Case Study C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Learn from Other Cities

Why both security and safety matter for cycling

A poster presentation at the International Transport Forum argues that the issue of security must be addressed together with safety when planning new cycling infrastructure, based on the CFF's experience in Bogotá.